Alex Stalock goes off on “f****** dirty” Corey Perry.

Perry called out.

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Veteran National Hockey League forward Corey Perry may no longer be a member of the Anaheim Ducks, but that has not changed the fact that he remains one of the most universally despised players in the entire league. 

On Saturday night that hatred was on full display and this time it was coming from one of Perry's peers, Minnesota Wild goaltender Alex Stalock. The veteran goaltender and his Minnesota Wild demolished Perry and his Dallas Stars on Saturday night, blowing them out by a score of 7 - 0, but that did not prevent things from getting heated during the closing minutes of the game. In spite of the fact that the game was well out of reach Perry charged to the net on a scoring chance and ended up driving his knee into the head of Stalock in the process. 

The blow to the head was all it took to set Stalock off and based on the reaction from some of his defensemen after the play I think it is fair to suggest that Stalock was not the only one who took issue with Perry's antics. Perry was shoved into the boards following the play and had a number of Wild players giving him a hard time after the fact, including a fuming Stalock who at this point was screaming obscenities in Perry's direction. It is not clear exactly what Stalcok said, it was difficult to decipher between all the f-bombs, however it seems fair to suggest that he feels Perry is a "f****** dirty"  player.

Stalock was incensed during the game but following the game he was asked about the incident that had transpired between himself and Perry. Although Stalock had some time to cool off after the fact he once again hammered Perry for being a dirty player.

"How much time is left on the clock? It's a 6- or 7-nothing game. I don't know why you can't help yourself there. It's clearly a knee to the head. It was only a week or two ago it's not even three minutes into an outdoor game, he elbows a guy in the head. He can't help himself. Hopefully they look at it. There's no need for it. He knows he's wrong. He knows he's making a bad play. It's stupid."