Alex Tuch gets soaked during pre game interview.

Tuch gets trolled by his teammates.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are not having the season that they had in their inaugural campaign in the National Hockey League but it seems like they are still having plenty of fun out there on the ice. Sunday night certainly provided an example of that as we got to see some hi-jinks going on between Las Vegas Golden Knight teammates even before the game had gotten underway. 

It was Las Vegas Golden Knights forward Alex Tuch who was giving an interview ahead of the game, however based on what happened I get the distinct impression that he was not in on the joke. As Tuch was giving his interview all of a sudden a jet of water could be seen coming into the frame from off camera, soaking Tuch completely as he was attempting to maintain the flow of his interview live on television. 

Tuch's jersey was soaked but perhaps the funniest part of the gag was the fact that you could literally see the water dripping down from of his visor and even dripping down on the inside of the visor, likely making it hard for him to see through the shield. Of course the whole time that Tuch was getting soaked the viewer watching at home had no idea what was happening off camera to cause this, although to be fair the natural assumption was likely a jester-like teammate.

The camera would eventually pan out and reveal that the man tormenting Tuch during his pre game interview was fellow Golden Knights teammate Ryan Reaves. Reaves of course is one of the toughest men in the entire National Hockey League and even if Tuch was not very happy about his treatment I don't expect that he would be too quick to take the issue up with Reaves directly. Fortunately for Tuch he appeared to take all of it in stride and in fact even seemed to be enjoying the entire thing if his reaction during the interview is any indication.

One last note here. Tuch also showed what a classy guy he was during this entire fiasco by standing in the way of the water to shield the reporter from getting wet when instead he could have recoiled form it instead.