Alex Vlasic ejected for knee on knee in the preseason.

Alex Vlasic ejected for knee on knee in the preseason.

An ugly play from the Chicago Blackhawks' Alex Vlasic, one that resulted in him being tossed from the game.

Jonathan Larivee

You would think the preseason would be a time where players don't have to worry about a dirty hit coming their way, but unfortunately that is not the case.

On Sunday night, we got another example of this when Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Alex Vlasic went knee on knee with Detroit Red Wings forward Elmer Soderblom.

It appeared as though Vlasic stuck his leg out to make the knee on knee happen and it also appears as though the officials on the ice saw it the same way. Vlasic was awarded a 5 minute major for the infraction and according to Blackhawks reporter Charlie Roumeliotis he has also been tossed from the game.

The Red Wings were not the least bit happy about the incident and they tried to get their hands on Vlasic, but the officials stepped in between the players before any measure of revenge could be doled out.

Vlasic may have bigger problems to worry about though as not only will the Department of Player Safety likely take a look at this incident, but his own teammate may also have an issue with his actions on the ice tonight. You see Elmer Soderblom is the brother of Blackhawks goaltender Arvid Soderblom, and something tells me Arvid might have a few words, or worse, waiting for Vlasic following tonight's game.