Alexei Emelin busted for wearing illegal NHL gear during KHL game

Busted by the KHL pants police!

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Remember Alexei Emelin?

The hard hitting blueliner who played in the NHL mostly with the Montreal Canadiens?

Maybe this will jog your memory:

While Emelin's NHL career was relatively short lived, he made a big impact almost every time he hit the ice. The 6 foot, 1 inch, 215 pound blueliner established himself as one of the biggest hitters in the entire NHL over his seven year career. Mother Russia called Emelin home in 2018 though and he has been with the KHL's Omsk Avangard ever since.

But... apparently Emelin hasn't left the NHL behind entirely. According to a report from Russian language media outlet Sport24, Emelin has been fined 100,000 rubles (Approx $1,300 USD) for wearing pants with an NHL logo on them during a KHL game. And... well the evidence is pretty damning.

Check it out:

That's a pretty open and shut case.

Translated from Sport24:

Avangard defender Alexei Emelin violated the KHL regulations in the regular season match against SKA (2: 5).
After SKA striker Evgeny Ketov pushed Emelin aboard and the hockey player lay on the ice, his shorts with the NHL emblem got into the frame.
According to the disciplinary regulations of the KHL, for violation of Article 42 of the league's sports regulations in case of non-compliance with the requirements provided for by the specified article to the uniform of the team's hockey players, the chief referee does not allow such hockey players to participate in the match, and the club is fined 100 thousand rubles. If the specified violation was revealed after the end of the match, the club is fined 300 thousand.