Alexis Lafreniere still has to wait to find out where he’s heading…


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Projected first overall pick Alexis Lafreniere still has no clue where he’s heading as a qualifying team won the first phase of the 2020 Draft lottery on Friday night. The team that will pick first in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft will be determined at a later date after a placeholder won the first phase.

Earlier on, this shocking detail came in as a qualifying team has moved into the top 3. 

The Senators had the best chance of winning the lottery, but will select third and fifth in the draft.

The Detroit Red Wings were held a tough blow as they fell in fourth place. They finished with a league-worst .275 points percentage and had the next best chance at winning the first-overall pick with an 18.5 per cent. Detroit was bumped down the maximum three spots to fourth. Tough blow. 

The Los Angeles got lucky and moved up from 4th to claim the second-overall selection.

Here is the results of the 2020 NHL Draft lottery. 

1. A qualifying team 
2. Los Angeles 
3. Ottawa Senators 
4. Detroit Red Wings 
5. Ottawa Senators 
6. Anaheim Ducks 
7. New Jersey Devils 
8. Buffalo Sabres 

Fifteen teams were eligible in Phase 1: the seven teams that already have not qualified for the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs – ranked in inverse order of their points percentages at the time of the pause in the regular season – and eight “placeholders” that represent the to-be-determined Qualifying Round teams that do not advance, thus maintaining previously established odds for the Draft Lottery.

In an interview held earlier on Friday, Lafreniere admitted that he had no clue what to expect, but was hoping to find out where he could land to kick off his NHL career. We bet he did not expect to have to wait much longer to know for which club he will play.