Allan Walsh: Gary Bettman must be fired

Strong words from the notable player agent!



Notable National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh, who has made headlines over the years for his controversial social media posts, is back at it again today by demanding that commissioner Gary Bettman be terminated for his recent take on CTE. 

Bettman has repeatedly dismissed the link between repeated blows to the head and CTE that several former NHL enforcers underwent, such as Rick Rypien, Steve Montador, and most recently, Chris Simon. Tragically, all three former players are no longer with us, as they took their own lives. 

Walsh demanded the following:

"It’s time for everyone with a stake in the game to demand Gary Bettman be removed as NHL commissioner. His continued denial of #CTE is not acceptable. The owners, players, media and fans have the collective power to demand he step down.

How many more Gary?"

It was just earlier this month that Bettman stated that he and the NHL "wait to see what the medical experts tell us" about the matter. 

“Chris’ passing is tragic,” Bettman told NHL Insider Frank Seravalliin Florida last Wednesday. “And, you know, on all these matters, we wait to see what the medical experts tell us.

“Having said that, I think it’s well documented with all the progress that we’ve made over the last couple decades to make the game as safe as possible.”

Bettman's stance echo the concerning similar view that the NFL has had on the issue, repeatedly trying to dismiss the link between repeated blows to the head and CTE. And Walsh believes that Bettman shouldn't be in his position any longer owing to his stance. 

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