An answer for the Bruins

He couldn't pick a better moment to shine

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Bruins’ veterans showered praises for 19-year old Brando Carlo. In the season, his pairings with Chara have been beneficial to the team. He can perform at a top-quality level in both a shutdown role all the while playing intelligently on the ice.

His ability to play on both ends of the ice with speed, strength, and a calm demeanor is what the Bruins have needed for a while now. Carlo also managed to survive not only the initial cuts, but succeeded to stay on the team once the season began.

“He’s a good man, and obviously is making a lot of good impressions,” said Chara.

Head coach Claude Julien showered the 6-foot-5 203-pound defenseman. “He’s given me no reason to not want to put him out there. He’s got a great stick, great composure and he blocks shots. He does the right things.”