An update on the hockey 'fan' that stabbed and killed a rival team's supporter.


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There is an update on one of the more disturbing stories we have come across this NHL season, as it appears a 'fan' who stabbed and killed a rival fan has been brought to justice.

WPVI-TV has reported that Steven E. Simminger, 40, was arrested and charged with murder in the death of Colin McGovern of Churchville, Pa. The incident in question occurred on March.12, when Simminger (a New Jersey Devils' fan) and McGovern (a Philadelphia Flyers' fan) was began a physical altercation, following a comment that was made about Simminger's blue hat with a New Jersey Devils logo.

Simminger turn and walk back to the group, Capt. James Clark of the Homicide Unit said, which then sparked an argument and then an eventually fatal fight.

They go to the ground, Clark said, with McGovern on top of Simminger. That's when Simminger allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed McGovern.
McGovern was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.
Simminger quickly fled the scene, and police scoured the area in hopes of identifying the man in the blue Devils' hat. Around 7 a.m. Simminger went to a hospital to be treated for cuts to his hand and to be "mentally evaluated." Staffers then called police and Simminger was taken into custody and charged. Police recovered two knives from Simminger, and one was believed to be the murder weapon.

Action News spoke with one witness who attempted to save McGovern's life. She apparently who ran over and put pressure on the wound, trying to keep him calm. Unfortunately it was not enough to save his life.
"And I just tried to help him keep breathing and talked to him a little bit," said Megan Hellander. "I just said, 'the ambulance is coming, they're coming to help you.' "

The scene still haunts her after hearing of his unfortunate passing.

"I haven't stopped thinking about his family and his friends and everyone that this affects," said Hellander.

What made this incident all the more bizarre is the fact that the satbbing occurred in Rittenhouse Square, which is considered one of the safest and most expensive areas in the whole of the Philadelphia region. Many of the Flyers' players, including captain Claude Giroux, own homes in the area, and violence in the region is practically unheard of.

"I walk through here every morning," said Paul Gallagher of Rittenhouse Square. When my dog's up here, we take him for a walk, but I've never felt unsafe."
"I walk home from 5th and Walnut every night, and I'm not going to do that anymore," said Kelsey Lynch of Rittenhouse Square.

Obviously this is not representative of Devils' fans as a whole, but a senseless act of violence with no excuse to be had.

It's good to hear that this murderer has been found and brought to justice after his brutal crime.