Analytics expert continue to weigh in on Shea Weber, and it's not good for Weber.

Some more harsh criticism of Weber.

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The dog pile on National Hockey League defenseman Shea Weber from the analytics community isn't over yet, and in fact it seems like some are getting a little hyperbolic about it.

Despite that, all this criticism clearly points to a belief that the former Norris trophy winner has fallen from grace in the eyes of many in the analytics community, but how far he has fallen in the eyes of some may still shock many.

Sharks analytics expert Andrew Bensch recently made an extremely bold claim during an exchange on social media, stating his belief that at this stage of Weber's career, he doesn't believe the Habs defenseman would crap the Sharks top 4.

"Umm no, at even strength he would be on the San Jose Sharks 3rd pair behind Vlasic, Braun, Martin and Burns.Justin Braun is a better 2way dman at 5v5 than Weber."

It's a damning condemnation of Weber, although the player himself is unlikely to care what any analytics expert has to say about his play on the ice. One thing is certain, there will be a great many interested eyeballs on Weber's play next season as a Montreal Canadien.