Andersen reveals Centennial Classic equipment, will pay tribute to a former Leaf!

Nice new gear from Andersen.

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The Centennial Classic is just a few days away and it looks like Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen has something very special planned for the fans.

After some discussions with the equipment designers, Andersen has decided to go with a classic design, one that will pay tribute to an extremely well respected former Maple Leaf, goaltender Curtis Joseph.

“I was at dinner with the guys from Bauer before the season and we talked about some old classic designs and I liked Cujo’s a lot,” Andersen said in a text message to InGoal. “Plus my dad once wore that pad, so I asked if they could do that for the outdoor game since they started printing the pad anyway.”

The good news is you get an early look, thanks to the image below courtesy of InGoal.