Coyotes coach André Tourigny exposes and calls out Arizona ownership

The team deserves to know!



The Arizona Coyotes are on the verge of finally ending the embarrassing tenure in the desert that has seen them not only go through multiple ownership issues, but relegated to being the secondary tenants of a college rink that seats only 4,600 fans.

They are on the brink of relocation to Salt Lake City, a move that would necessitate the entire team, including players and staff, uprooting and resettling in a new location. And the lack of information flow isn't sitting right with head coach André Tourigny.

“I will tell you where it has the most impact, is we have 31 staff members who don’t have a contract for next year,” Tourigny said. “Those guys have families, some are divorced. Some, their kids are in Phoenix and are divorced. Some have a wife or a partner who has a job, who will now have to make a decision if the team is moving. Some guys have kids at university, they have to pay for university. Those kinds of things are real. That’s emotion, that’s real life. That’s what we are in.”

Tourigny also then stated that he's as much in the dark as any of the players are. 

“I did not hear anything … I don’t know what’s going on,” Tourigny said. “One thing I know … the rumors are strong, and when we talk, the staff and their families are extremely impacted and that’s where it creates a really difficult situation for us. (A player) can be traded at any time. A coach can be fired at any time. That’s real life, that’s the way it is. For the people we work with, we’re in sports but we forget we’re in the people business. The people we are working with are definitely impacted right now.”

Meanwhile, Tourigny extensively expressed his concerns to both Coyotes broadcaster Todd Walsh and Arizona Sports' Wolf & Luke, emphasizing his belief that he and the team are not being properly treated due to a lack of adequate information regarding the situation.

NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman described the frustrated Coyotes bench boss' sentiments while appearing on The Jeff Marek Show

“I have heard internally he has made his feelings known. I think the players and the staff have been aware of that Tourigny has kind of taken the responsibility on himself,” Friedman said.

“He’s got a contract, he’s a bit more secure than some other guys. … Judging from the way he’s talking, he feels like a lot of other people, that this has been very poorly handled. People deserve to have a better idea of what’s going on.”

“I think he basically asked, like, where’s the information?” Friedman said. “People deserve to have information. They deserve to know what’s going on. I’ve heard that it’s been hugely appreciated.”

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