Andrei Svechnikov suffers gruesome looking injury after battle with Zdeno Chara.

Your leg is not supposed to bend like that.

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The Carolina Hurricanes may have just lost forward Andrei Svechnikov for quite some time.

Svechnikov suffered what initially looks like a pretty serious injury after a battle in front of the net with Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara went horribly wrong. To be honest given the way Svechnikov initially fell I thought that he may have been hurt by a slew-foot type of play, but after seeing the replay there's absolutely nothing of that nature from Chara and it seems instead like Svechnikov fell after losing his balance while fighting for position in front of the net with Chara. 

It wasn't the battle with Chara or the fall itself that injured Svechnikov but it was instead the way that he fell that appeared to cause the injury. As you will see in the video replay we have provided below, Svechnikov's leg and ankle appear to twist awkwardly as he falls, and I am pretty confident when I say that the human body is not designed to bend that way. As soon as he hit the ice Svechnikov could be seen clutching at his injured leg, specifically clutching at what looked like his knee, and this would appear to indicate once again that the leg here is the source of the injury. 

It was an ugly looking one.