Andrew Ladd traded in massively one-sided deal.

A huge trade.


We have a massively one sided trade to report.

In something of a stunning move, the Arizona Coyotes have acquired veteran forward Andrew Ladd, a second round draft pick at the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, a conditional second round draft pick at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, and a conditional third round pick at the 2023 NHL Entry Draft from the New York Islanders in exchange for absolutely nothing at all.

That's right, nothing.

The real value in such a move from the Islanders of course is the cap relief that they will now get by getting rid of Ladd's undeniably terrible contract. The once fearsome forward has been a shell of his former self but nonetheless carries a cap hit of $5.5 million for both this upcoming season and the 2022 - 2023 season as well. The Islanders and the Coyotes both determined that two second round picks and a conditional third was the appropriate price for $5.5 million in cap relief per season for two seasons, and now Ladd is officially a member of the Arizona Coyotes.

Interestingly enough David Amber, who first broke the trade, reports that the Coyotes intend to use Ladd in their lineup in spite of the fact that he has played in a total of just 30 NHL games over the course of the past 3 NHL seasons.

Whether or not they use Ladd, newly appointed Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong has pulled off one hell of a deal for his team here, quickly stockpiling draft picks as he drives the Coyotes towards their latest rebuild. The fact that this has cost Armstrong absolutely nothing, other than the cap space, and gained him a veteran player he can put on the ice while tanking for a rebuild makes it that much better for the rookie general manager.

Update: Islanders insider Arthur Staple reports that the condition attached to the second round draft pick will ensure that the Coyotes get the better of the two picks currently held in that round by the Islanders.

Still no official word yet on what the conditions attached to the third round pick are at this time. Cap Friendly initially reported that it was related to Ladd playing NHL games in the final year of his deal, but that report has since been taken down.