Andrew Shaw had a few words for Torey Krug!

Another chapter in this Montreal-Boston rivalry!

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Andrew Shaw had a few words for Torey Krug after this bone-jarring hit!

“He came back in the game and told me he thought I was going to get suspended." told Torey Krug in an interview granted to CBS. “When it happened I thought it was a clean play. Like I said, it was a 50-50 puck. If I didn’t expect a hit there, chances are I would have ended up on my rear end,” Krug added. “I didn’t really expect anything to come from it.”

Krug didn't even get a hearing for his (clean) hit but had to answer to Brendan Gallagher's justice.

“It wasn’t [the greatest fight]; I don’t do it too often,” said Krug. “Whatever. I slipped and fell, and [Gallagher] wasn’t too happy about it. It was something I came to expect after that hit. I figured he’s a guy who sticks up for his teammates and a leader of his team, so I thought it was coming.” as reported by CBS.

Here's the fight: