Angela Price reveals why Carey Price was wearing her panties at the NHL awards.

A very revealing secret.

Angela Price reveals why Carey Price was wearing her panties at the NHL awards.

Well this is certainly and unexpected and rather hilarious development. 

Fans of the Montreal Canadiens, and fans across the hockey world, were touched this year when they heard the heartbreaking story of young Anderson Whitehead. Anderson's story is one that far too many of us have some experience with, the young man tragically lost his mother to a battle with cancer and as you would expect for such a young child it has devastated his life. There is nothing anyone can do that will bring back Anderson's mother but Montreal's Carey Price has gone well out of his way to do what he can to ease the young man's suffering.

During a practice earlier during the 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season Price surprised the young man after he skated off the ice, taking a moment to give him some gifts and, perhaps most importantly of all, embracing him for a long time in a very moving hug. It was a moment that went viral on social media and at the 2019 NHL Awards Carey Price was once again hard at work doing what he could to make Anderson's life a little less painful that it has been. Price, unbeknownst to Anderson, surprised the young man with a video message at the NHL awards but that was only the beginning of it all. Price then revealed that he was actually on hand and came out and gave Anderson two more gifts, as well as another beautiful hug that you could tell meant way more than the gifts to Anderson. 

It was a heart warming moment that has by now been widely reported by just every hockey related outlet, and some non hockey related ones as well, but as it turns out there was more to this story than we were aware of. You see Carey Price forget his pocket square for the event and he looked a little naked without it, at least according to his wife Angela Price. Angela however had a perfect solution to get her man out of a tight spot, although I think it is safe to say that her solution was unconventional to say the least. I don't want to spoil anything for you so I will let Angela herself do the reveal in the video below.