Angry Andrew Shaw appears to threaten his own teammates.

Shaw puts his foot down.

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Montreal Canadiens enforcer Andrew Shaw has always been known as a player who plays the game on the edge and has a tough and gritty style of play but he may have taken things to another level this week.

As fans in Montreal will already know the Montreal Canadiens are currently sitting outside of the playoff picture looking in. The Habs are currently just a single win behind the Blue Jackets (2 points in the standings) but both teams have 11 games remaining on their schedule. When you consider some of the massive deadline acquisitions from the Blue Jackets ahead of the 2019 National Hockey League trade deadline that will not be easy ground to make up.

The Canadiens have to be acutely aware of this but in site o that they have come out looking lackluster in 3 of their last 4 games, including one particularly brutal loss to the lowly Anaheim Ducks by a score of 8 - 2. When you consider that the team is literally playing for their playoff lives at this stage of the season the fact that they have been so flat is frankly puzzling and has been entirely unacceptable as far as their rabid fan base is concerned. If you're worried about the fact that the players themselves are not invested however you need not worry, because Andrew Shaw appears to be all over that problem right now.

TSN's Dan Robertson, who does the play by play for the Canadiens on TSN's 690 radio, had a chance to speak to Andrew Shaw following the Canadiens latest loss and it was clear that the Stanley Cup Champion was not simply going to be ok with losing and missing the playoffs to close out the season. Robertson described Shaw as both frustrated and frank in his assessment of what he felt was a lack of urgency from his team as of late, and his comments certainly support Robertson's description.

Here's what Shaw had to say when asked about the lack of urgency from his teammates.

“I can’t tell you why it’s not there but I  can tell you it’s going to be there,” said Shaw.

That sounds like a man who plans to put his foot down in the locker room, and woe betide anyone on the Habs roster who falls into the category that Shaw is describing.