Angry fans harass Canadian captain Max Comtois after devastating loss to Finland

This is disgusting. What is wrong with some people?

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In case you somehow missed it, team Finland SHOCKED team Canada last night, earning a 2-1 overtime victory to eliminate Canada from the 2019 World Junior Championships on home soil.

Canada had a 1-0 lead until just 46 seconds left when Finnish forward Eeli Tolvanen threw the puck on goal, had it bounce off teammate Hepponiemi and past Canadian goaltender Michael DiPietro.

Check it out:

In overtime it was Toni Utunen who ended Canada’s gold medal dreams after Evan Dobson had his stick explode on a glorious opportunity:

Jubilation for Finland and heartbreak for Canada. After the game the Canadian boys, and let’s keep in mind that they ARE merely boys as they’re all teenagers, were speechless and devastated. So… as is the case these days, some online trolls decided to take things to an inappropriate level.

Canadian captain Max Comtois, who was stopped in overtime on a penalty shot, was the victim of some truly awful comments online, with angry fans wishing him dead.

Check out some of these comments:

Disgusting. Get a life. These kids play their heart out and just because you’re not happy with the result you get to say whatever you want without consequence? I don’t think so. Let’s hope that the public shaming of these commenters forces them to look in the mirror and realize what they’ve done. Shameful.