Angry Patrick Roy drills players in toughest practice!

Angry Patrick Roy drills players in toughest practice!

Again. Whistle. Again. Whistle. Again.



New York Islanders head coach Patrick Roy sent a loud message to his players after two consecutive losses, delivering it with a hard, fast-paced practice on Wednesday.

Roy made his players do suicide drills and bag skates at end of practice with all that you could hear was “Again. Whistle. Again. Whistle. Again.” And maybe the poor players panting.

Since Roy has taken over for Lane Lambert behind the Islanders’ bench, he appears to be dealing with the same issues, never getting the most out of his team collectively.

After a strong start following the All-Star Break, the Isles look to already be out of gas as a slow start Saturday turned into a 5-2 loss to the Calgary Flames. Then, they lost to the struggling Seattle Kraken in a shootout last night.

“The fans were pissed,” Roy said after the game, “and I was also pissed because we didn’t do a good job.”

And it still showed on Wednesday. Roy is wanting more speed from his top lines and made sure to get all they all to offer during the tough drills in practice.

The Islanders are now 3-3-2 under Roy in a tight race for a playoff spot in the Eastern conference. With 29 games to go, Roy wasn’t going to wait for a third straight loss to send a message to his team. Many insiders and pundits have said that the new head coach needs to wake up a sleeping team. I bet this did the trick... 

The Islanders have until Sunday to get ready for their next opponent, the New York Rangers, and I’m sure Roy will use the necessary time to get his players on track.

Though they might need a rest after today’s toughest practice yet under Roy.

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