Anna Kane publishes disturbing videos of Evander Kane.

More as the saga continues.

Jonathan Larivee

National Hockey League star forward Evander Kane has had arguably the most tumultuous season of his career in the NHL and at least a significant portion of that has come thanks in part to a very public, and very messy, divorce that Kane is currently going through with his estranged wife Anna Kane.

The public battle between Anna and Evander has been very ugly with accusations that Anna is mentally unsound and accusations that Evander was unfaithful, addicted to gambling, betting on NHL games, fixing NHL games, soliciting prostitutes and more. Anna has been using her presence on social media to lash out at her estranged husband and over the weekend she unloaded her latest salvo at her soon to be ex husband by making several posts via her Instagram account.

Anna took things a step further this time though by publishing videos that she seemingly took of Evander  in a covert or perhaps even immoral fashion. First Anna published a video in which she and Evander have a some sort of confrontation before continuing to argue off camera. Kane, who no doubt had no idea he was being recorded, can be heard yelling out expletives in an angry tone in the background as the phone continues to record.

Far more disturbing however were videos that Anna herself admits she took while Evander was too far under the influence to be aware of the fact he was being recorded. Regardless of the personal problems between the couple there's something creepy about recording someone in a state like this, especially someone who is meant to be a loved one.

The saddest part about this drama between Anna and Evander Kane is the fact that there is a child caught up in between these two squabbling parents. Anna even used a video of that child to share what was perhaps her most disturbing message of all, one about the Edmonton Oilers or the National Hockey League having blood on their hands when Evander, according to her, eventually kills their child.