Another confusing update given on Jonathan Toews

Fans are growing worried…


The Chicago Blackhawks were in hot water over the past weekend when they were accused of knowing more about Jonathan Toews’ condition. You all know how shocking it was this offseason when the captain  announced that he couldn’t report to training camp and is out indefinitely due to a medical issue. There is no timetable for his return. Earlier this month, the Hawks came under fire as they faced accusations that they were hiding information on Toews’ health status. Following a swarms of unfounded rumors on social media that the team knew more about Toews and why he couldn’t play, the Blackhawks responded to the chatter by insisting that the circumstances of Toews’ medical absence remain the same as before.

“I don’t have any update on Jonathan,” GM Stan Bowman said per the Chicago Sun Times last week. “And when I say this, I mean it: It’s not like we have additional information that we’re holding back. All we know is he’s not ready to play right now.”

Ever since this controversy arose, the Hawks and hockey insiders have been trying to communicate more updates on Toews’ condition and recovery, however, it remains confusing and vague. 

On Wednesday night, it was Bob McKenzie’s turn to share some updates on Toews on the air of NBC Sports. However, it wasn’t clearer from the renown NHL insider… 

“Nothing positive, but nothing negative.”

Alright then… 

Fans cannot wait to see Toews back on the ice, however, we bet they want him to have fully recovered from what causes him to experience symptoms leaving him “feeling drained and lethargic.”

We just have no clue when that will be. 

Get well soon, Toews.