Another demotion for John Tavares leads to trade rumours in Toronto!
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Another demotion for John Tavares leads to trade rumours in Toronto!

The captain’s role keeps shrinking, and…



Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares had never experienced a demotion in his NHL career before last night’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights. Following a humiliating 6-2 loss and a terrible turnover on his part, Tavares better get used to it…

Fans were quick to point out Tavares’ mistakes and subpar numbers this season, whilst also pointing the finger at his $11 million annual salary, as he is the second-highest-paid player on the team. This led to the captain’s name trending all over social media with fans asking he be demoted to the fourth line, or worse, scratched from the lineup in order to watch a few games from the press box.

When Luke Fox of Sportsnet wrote about Tavares’ demotion prior to last night’s game, he put a positive spin on it, stating that the veteran forward was accepting a reduced role for the good of the team.

“You just want to do what you can to help the team, and obviously [Keefe] felt [the switch] was necessary to do,” Tavares said earlier on Tuesday. “You control what you can control and be ready to play every time your name’s called to go over the boards and continue to push to get better.”

But then, Tavares played just 14:45 against Vegas and was also taken off the No. 1 power-play unit despite once one of the most productive power-play players of his generation. He did not help his case when he made quite the blunder in the corner, leading to Jonathan Marchessault’s goal. Tavares was then seen, upset and banging and breaking his stick at the Leafs’ bench… possibly more affected by his demotion than he wanted fans to think.

Insider Jonas Siegel of The Athletic does not believe Tavares will be promoted soon and has just come to realize that the guy is just getting older… hence, demotions are more likely to come his way.

“Yet, reality is reality. This is Tavares’ 15th NHL season. He’s coming up on 1,100 regular-season NHL games. It’s unrealistic to expect him to lift lesser linemates like he once did in New York. That was a long time ago.

“He’s not that dude anymore.”

Siegel even hints at the possibility of the Maple Leafs looking for a second line center on the trade market ahead of the March 8 deadline in order to replace Tavares or allow him to “play the wing, a more suitable position for him at this stage in his career.”

A lot happening in Toronto with just over a week to go until the trade deadline.

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