Another disturbing twist in the Evander Kane’s saga with estranged wife

When you thought things couldn’t get worse…

Another disturbing twist in the Evander Kane’s saga with estranged wife

The Evander Kane personal saga has taken another turn as the San Jose Sharks suspended forward revealed via court documents that his estranged wife Anna has been lying to him about her pregnancy since July.

Kane, who is serving 21 game suspension since mid-October over a violation of the NHL’s COVID-19 health and safety protocol, reportedly due to his use of a fake vaccine card, believed that Anna was still pregnant with their child who was due in February of 2022.

While both kept talking about the baby to come, Kane allegedly found out that Anna had an abortion in July, meaning he was unaware of this for roughly four months, according to Kane.

The court documents obtained by TMZ report that Anna admits in the court docs that she was “less than forthcoming with [Evander] with regards to [her] decision,” and also noted that she “did not inform [Evander] or the court that [she] was no longer pregnant.” She denied, however, “wearing any sort of prosthetics in an attempt to look pregnant.”

While this saga does not involved the ones he’s created over the years in the NHL, is adding up to everything happening in the controversial player’s life. Kane claims that this will impact their daughter, whom he asked the courts for full custody, while requesting that Anna undergoes a mental examination to prove that she’s emotionally stable.

This is more than “it’s complicated” status for Evander and Anna Kane: the forward denied claims of sexual assault and domestic battery, while he maintains that she was violent toward him in the past, claiming she hit him “seven to eight times in the face with her fist” during an argument.

Anna also revealed that Kane had bet on NHL games, which was investigated by the league and was found innocent.

I am going to stop here because, wow, you have to admit : we didn’t think things could get worse…