Another Maple Leaf headed to Robidas Island?

Another Maple Leaf headed to Robidas Island?

The Toronto Maple Leafs may soon be burying another player and their salary on the infamous Robidas Island.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs may be about to banish another one of their players to the comically named 'Robidas Island.'

On Saturday, head coach Sheldon Keefe revealed that Maple Leafs defenseman John Klingberg would be out of the lineup for today's game against the Minnesota Wild. When pressed on the issue Keefe would also admit that he was concerned that Klingberg's injury could develop into something more long term, and that reality may already be upon us.

During Sunday's broadcast of that very same game, former National Hockey League player Nick Kypreos revealed that he believes Klingberg may be destined for long term injured reserve.

"I think there's an excellent chance based on what we hear out of Sweden," said Kypreos when asked if John Klingberg was an LTIR candidate for the Leafs.

Kypreos believes that a pair of hip surgeries that Klingberg underwent earlier on in his career may have finally caught up to the veteran defenseman.

"Klingberg's the question mark here," said Kypreos. "Speculation for me maybe has everything to do with two hip surgeries earlier in his career and whether or not those are coming back to haunt him right now."

Whether or not that will be enough for the Leafs to shut Klingberg down for the long term remains to be seen, but when combined with the concerns of Sheldon Keefe it certainly looks like Kypreos may be right about the future of John Klingberg in Toronto.