Another NHL setback for first round pick Shane Wright.
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Another NHL setback for first round pick Shane Wright.

The Shane Wright saga continues with the young man once again failing to crack the NHL roster.

Jonathan Larivee

The journey to the National Hockey League for former first round pick Shane Wright has not been what many would have predicted in the lead up to the 2022 NHL Entry Draft.

Wright was at one point projected by many pundits to go first overall but as we all know he would eventually fall to the #4 spot where he would be selected by his current team, the Seattle Kraken. In spite of that many believed that Wright would quickly make his impact on the NHL but that also has failed to materialize, and on Saturday Wright was on the receiving end of some more bad news.

In an official announcement, the Kraken announced that Wright would not be a part of their starting roster, at least not right away, and instead revealed that they would be sending the 19 year old to the American Hockey League for some additional seasoning. Wright will now join the Coachella Valley Firebirds of the AHL, where he is expected to get significantly more ice time than he would otherwise receive at the NHL level.

To be completely fair to Wright here there are a number of reasons the Kraken could be choosing to go down this path, including the fact that Wright is protected from the waiver process whereas another player might have to be put on waivers to be sent down.

In fact that Kraken announced that they were putting 3 players on waivers today and Wright may very well have been sent down to avoid placing risking a 4th player on waivers.

Nonetheless this has to be a disappointing day for the young forward who vowed that he would make the teams that passed on him in the draft regret those decisions, as it seems he will have to wait a little while longer to truly get his chance to do so.