Another Oilers' trade is now officially a complete disaster.

There's no longer any doubt this was a terrible move.

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This trade now looks like a complete and unmitigated disaster.

It was just a very short time ago that the Edmonton Oilers gave up both the #16 as well as the #33 pick in the 2015 National Hockey League Entry Draft to the New York Islanders in exchange for defenseman Griffin Reinhart, and there can no longer be any doubt that was a major mistake.

On Friday it was revealed that the Oilers had sent Reinhart down to the american Hockey League after a very poor showing in training camp, the latest detail in what seemingly has been a continuous downward spiral for the young man since he joined the Oilers.

It's just the latest damning indictment of the Edmonton Oilers scouting staff or at the very least the organizations ability to properly evaluate talent, and when you consider how steep the price was to acquire what is now an AHL defenseman. 

It's a completely inexcusable mistake and it will be yet another bitter pill fans in Edmonton will be forced to swallow.