Another very confusing update on Crosby’s health and possible return

​What a roller-coaster!

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The Pittsburgh Penguins and their fanbase are getting excellent news on Friday morning as captain Sidney Crosby jumped on the ice for team practice in gray no-contact jersey.

And then, things took a weird turn... for the better! Crosby later changed to black full-contact jersey after starting the session in a gray no-contact jersey.

It is possible that the star player got the green light as he was skating with teammates, or decided himself that he felt fit to take part in a full practice. 

After practice, Crosby explained that his status has not changed. He joined the practice session because it was the only available ice time for him to skate. He has not yet been cleared for contact, meaning the jersey switch didn’t mean anything...

It was just days ago that Crosby denied being ready for action, he who was seen skating with the rest of his teammates on Tuesday, sporting a white jersey.

After that practice however, Crosby explained that he won’t take part in his team’s game on Thursday and that there is still no timeline for his return. He added that he was not taking part in practice, despite skating with teammates, adding that this was the only ice time available for him to skate and that he would resume skating on his own the next day. 

However, it seems like there is a great update in his recovery, seeing that he is back on the ice with the rest of his team for drills and could see a return date shortly. 

This sure looks promising for the Penguins, who lost star forward Jake Guentzel to a shoulder injury during the last contest of 2019.