Anthem singer in Buffalo absolutely botches 'O Canada'
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Anthem singer in Buffalo absolutely botches 'O Canada'

Yikes... this makes me cringe to my core.



One of the NHL's cool little long-standing traditions is that the Buffalo Sabres will play both the 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'O Canada' prior to puck drop, regardless of which teams are playing. Every other NHL building will simply play the anthem(s) of the team's in attendance for the evening, but with Buffalo being so close to the Canadian border and with the team's fanbase comprised of both American and Canadian fans, the team goes out of its way to have both anthems played at every game.

It's a cool tradition that frankly I love.

Or... at least I used to.

After tonight's mangling of 'O Canada', the Sabres might want to reconsider things.

Check out this absolute butcher job of Canada's iconic national anthem prior to tonight's game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Boston Bruins:

Uh... what?

The reaction from the Sabres fan holding his young son says it all:

Anthem singer in Buffalo absolutely botches 'O Canada'

To the singer's credit, he does come around and finds the proper lyrics and melody on the next line.

Incredibly though, that's not the worst rendition of a national anthem I've heard at an NHL game. Remember this cringe-worthy moment from back in 2012 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators? Then Senators captain Erik Karlsson nearly loses it when the singer shouts, "Let me hear you!"

I've got to say though... the absolute worst... the WORST singing of 'O Canada' of all time though comes from the CFL's brief foray into the United States when they hired a lounge singer to belt out the national anthem and for some reason he sang it to the tune of 'O Christmas Tree'.

Check it out if you dare:

Oh my God... kill me now.

The way he really sells the final lines of "For Thee" sends me into fits every time. Then he smiles at the camera like he's really done something special. I swear to God I would have died on the spot if I were there in person. 

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