Anthony Peluso takes on Milan Lucic in the Battle of Alberta.

Two big boys throwing bombs.

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Last night's Battle of Alberta was a much tamer affair than the one we saw earlier in the season but that does not mean that it was not without some fireworks. 

Perhaps the most intense moment in the long standing rivalry between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers on Sunday night came in the game's very 1st period however when both Flames forward Anthony Peluso and Oilers forward Milan Lucic really set the tone for the game. The level of physical play was just picking up in the 1st period when Lucic leveled veteran Flames defenseman Travis Hamonic with a massive hit in the Flames zone. 

At that point in the game it was the biggest hit of the night and although it got the Oilers faithful up and out of their seat it was clear that the Flames were not going to take that lying down. Now there did not appear to be anything particularly bad about the hit from Lucic on Hamonic but given the bad blood between these two it came as very little surprise when Peluso came right over to challenge Lucic following the hit. Equally unsurprising was the fact that the veteran Oilers bruiser was more than willing to answer the call, and although the National Hockey League officials on the ice did their best to separate them both of these guys wanted a piece of one another. 

The fight was a relatively short one but both man seemed to land some pretty good shots with Lucic changing levels, first tagging Peluso to the body before eventually throwing some shots at his head, while Peluso himself seemed to be more focused on popping Lucic in the face with his punches. Unfortunately for the fans watching on after a particularly significant punch from Lucic the NHL officials stepped in and split them up, much to the dismay of Peluso who was clearly not happy about it at all. 

Peluso could be seen literally hoping on the ice in anger, something you would expect to see out of an angry child, and frankly I can not blame him because I wanted to see how this one would have turned out had it been allowed to continue. To tough to call a winner with the refs splitting it up so early.