Anton Forsberg crashes and burns during pregame introduction.

Anton Forsberg crashes and burns during pregame introduction.

The Ottawa Senators goaltender took a fall during pregame introductions after being tripped up.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League's early game on Saturday kicked the day off with a bit of a blunder.

The Ottawa Senators were doing player introductions on home ice at the Canadian Tire Center prior to their game against the Philadelphia Flyers but unfortunately things did not go according to plan.

During those introductions, with the spotlight on him no less, Senators goaltender Anton Forsberg took a dangerous fall when he was tripped up by a camera cable. It is unclear if the cable had been put in the wrong place, or if Forsberg simply failed to recognize it was there, but thankfully he appears to be just fine.

I can only imagine the furor there would have been among the Senators fan base had Forsberg somehow been injured by a misplaced cable and this situation does make me wonder if the Senators, and perhaps even the NHL, might not look into solutions to ensure that this sort of issue does not occur again in the future.

Thankfully as I mentioned Forsberg was fine, even putting a big smile on his face as he recovered from what could have been an embarrassing fall, and was able to start the home opener for the Senators just moments after taking a tumble out onto the ice.