Anton Stralman says he was “betrayed” by the Boston Bruins.
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Anton Stralman says he was “betrayed” by the Boston Bruins.

The former National Hockey League defenseman is speaking out after signing a contract overseas.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins are often viewed as one of the model organizations in the National Hockey League, but even an organization as well structured as the Bruins can't always keep everyone happy.

Over the weekend it was announced that former Bruins defenseman Anton Stralman had signed a new deal with Sweden's HV71, effectively leaving the NHL in the process. Stralman's comments following the announcement were very positive, but now just one day later his tone has changed considerably.

In a recent interview, Stralman has revealed that he feels he was betrayed by the Bruins organization in what may have been his final season in the NHL.

"They did as they probably thought at the beginning, it became a loan for a few months. Then they got rid of me in the AHL," said Stralman as per Expressen. "You feel betrayed, that was not what we were talking about. It's just an example of how it can be."

Stralman says he made his expectations clear before joining the Bruins, but in spite of this he would go on to play in just 8 NHL games for the Bruins last season.

"Then I wanted to join a team that had a chance to win," revealed Stralman. "I wanted a chance to compete for a spot on a team. I made it pretty clear that I wasn't going to be a loan player."

Stralman realizes that he is incredibly fortunate to be in the position that he is in and was even cognizant of the fact that his complaints could be read the wrong way.

"It was not a fun year in any way for me personally," he admitted. "But we also know what it's like when NHL professionals "complain", I understand how it can sound."

In spite of his time in Boston leaving a bad taste in his mouth, Stralman went on to express that he will always be grateful for the opportunities the NHL provided him.

"It is clear that there are a lot of emotions... partly the last year in Boston, but also everything that has been fantastic," said Stralman. "There is a lot to reflect on. But in the end, I think I will be extremely grateful for the years over there."