Antti Raanta deemed unfit to play in the middle of live game!

The Coyotes just pulled him from the bench to get him out of the rink…

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The Arizona Coyotes are currently facing the Nashville Predators, and will face them again on Wednesday, that’s why Darcy Kuemper was in the net today, allowing Antti Raanta to stay on the bench and get ready for tomorrow’s game. 

However, he did not even managed to finish this one. In the middle of the second period, Raanta, who was the backup to Kuemper, was pulled from the bench and had to leave the rink.

He was deemed unfit to play and has left fans wondering what is happening. 

Adin Hill has come in to see as a backup to Kuemper, with many wondering if the Coyotes will have to play Kuemper twice in 24 hours… The Predators were leading 3-0 at the time. 


Some pundits on Twitter are wondering if Raanta suffered from an illness on the bench, as we wonder how he would have gotten injured. He was hit by a puck during warms up… This could be why he needed to leave and make sure he will be ready for Game 3 tomorrow. 

If Raanta is still unfit to play by then, they’ll have to choose between starting Kuemper on back-to-back days or going with Hill, who has only 30 NHL games of experience spread out over three seasons. He has been the Coyotes’ next man up when starters have gotten hurt.