Arber Xhekaj fires a shot through the net.
Larry MacDougal/CP  

Arber Xhekaj fires a shot through the net.

The 22 year old Montreal Canadiens defenseman scored an odd preseason goal on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

The Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators witnessed a bit of an oddity on Saturday night when a shot from Montreal Canadiens defenseman Arber Xhekaj somehow found its way through the netting.

There was some confusion on the ice initially as puck's very rarely make their way through the netting, and it hadn't been a particularly hard shot on the part of Xhekaj either. In fact, the wrist shot fired off by the Canadiens defenseman had been stopped on its path to the net, but it deflected at just the right angle off the goaltender to make its way cleanly through the netting.

Thankfully we now have the benefit of instant replay and after the officials had a chance to take a look, they ruled that Xhekaj had indeed scored a goal.

Take a look:

It was a busy night for the young Canadiens enforcer who not only scored a goal, but had his hands full with the Senators during the game.