Aron Kiviharju whispers unbelievable message to GM that drafted him.

Aron Kiviharju whispers unbelievable message to GM that drafted him.

NHL prospect Aron Kiviharju instantly wins over the hearts and minds of his new team.

Jonathan Larivee

I'm pretty sure Minnesota Wild draft pick Aron Kiviharju has instantly won over every single hockey fan in the state of Minnesota, and if you know anything about Minnesota that is a whole lot of hockey fans.

Kiviharju made perhaps the best first impression any young draft pick has ever made on the general manager that drafted them when he walked right over to Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin after being drafted. Kiviharju appeared to have a clear goal in mind and he achieved it when he leaned into Guerin after shaking his hand to whisper the following:

"Let me tell you one thing man, you made the biggest steal of the draft," said Kiviharju. "I promise you that."

The sheer confidence that Kiviharju showed in making such a statement appeared to instantly win over Guerin as well, with the Wild GM laughing happily to himself before quickly turning to the rest of his staff at the draft table to let them know what Kiviharju had just whispered in his ear.

"He just grabbed me and he goes 'You just made the f***ing best deal of the draft' oh my god I love that, that's great," said Guerin. "Kid knows how to make a first impression."

I suspect that fans of the Minnesota Wild will have the exact same reaction once this clip of their newest young prospect begins to make the rounds.