Artemi Panarin reveals his issues with addiction to social media

Wow! Who else is struggling like the Rangers’ sniper?

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New York Rangers star player Artemi Panarin took his game up a notch on Tuesday, posing for Esquire Russia in an epic photoshoot. I mean only this guy can pull off sweatpants with a leather sport coat!

While Panarin tagged his Instagram account in one of the many pictures that have been trending on social media, he admitted in the interview with Esquire Russia that he struggles with it and has to be very discipline when it comes to being online to watch what’s happening on social media. 

The sniper himself admits that when he posts a new picture, he downloads it, logs on, puts it on his Instagram and then deletes the app from his phone. If he doesn’t do so, he fears that he won’t have the discipline to get away from his screen. 

Anyone else struggling with an addiction to social media like Panarin has revealed? 

We can understand with these new pictures how it would be hard to stay away from the post and the comments. His teammates, past and current, have been having fun in the comments section, with Rangers’ Brendan Lemieux writing a cute  “Bread model” in the section. 

If I have to say something about Panarin’s revelation it’s that it’s refreshing to hear someone so popular dealing with normal life issues. My kids are always hooked on their phones and I feel maybe The Bredman’s trick to delete some apps once in a while could work. 

Now, will they have Panarin’s discipline to do so and admit like they have an issue like he has? That’s another story…