Arturs Silovs says Canucks have the 'advantage' in Game 7.

Arturs Silovs says Canucks have the 'advantage' in Game 7.

The rookie goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks is feeling very confident heading into Game 7.

Jonathan Larivee

This is exactly the kind of confidence you want to see from your rookie goaltender when you're heading into a huge Game 7 scenario.

That is what both the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks will do later tonight when they clash in the final and deciding game of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series, but the Canucks may have an advantage coming into this one.

At least that is what rookie goaltender Arturs Silovs appears to believe with Silovs revealing on Sunday that he feels his team will have a secret weapon up their sleeves on home ice.

"We have an advantage against them at home with a crowd like this," admitted a confident Silovs. "I'm sure we gonna be all energized for tomorrow's game."

Silovs seems to genuinely believe that the energy from the Vancouver faithful on Monday night will put the Oilers at a disadvantage on the ice.

"It's not easy to play an away game," admitted Silovs. "They are on the brink of elimination."

That is a lot of confidence coming from a goaltender who had just 9 games of National Hockey League experience under his belt before the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs started, and that is exactly what you want to hear if you're a Canucks team facing an uphill battle on Monday night with one of your top stars sidelined due to injury.