As many as 5 teams battling over free agent goaltender.

It's still unclear who he will sign with.

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There appears to be a big battle going on between several National Hockey League franchises, all of whom are, understandably, interested in signing free agent goaltender Alex Lyon as a free agent out of college.

The first clue came in Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts article published on Tuesday, in which he hinted at the fact that one reporter believed it was a five team race. From Friedman:

One reporter’s guess on the list for Yale free-agent goalie Alex Lyon? Carolina, Chicago, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Philadelphia.

It's no surprise that there is a very high level of interest in Lyon, he has been nothing short of dominant during his last two seasons with Yale, recording a .939 save percentage over 32 games last season and a .936 over 31 games this season, all while setting a number of Yale records in the process.

As of this writing there is still no indication which way Lyon is leaning, but you can expect it will be a fierce battle to acquire him.