Atkinson fires back at Marchand over stick breaking incident in Game 1

And the war of words is on! Playoff hockey, baby!

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In case you missed it, Brad Marchand was up to his old tricks during the overtime session in Game 1 between the Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets. 

During a neutral zone face-off just outside the Blue Jackets’ zone, Marchand was lined up on the wing across from Cam Atkinson when he decided to earn him and his team a bit of an advantage. How? By stomping on and breaking Atkinson’s stick.

Check it out:

Not gonna lie… that’s actually pretty brilliant. Had Marchand waited just a moment longer for the puck to be dropped, there’s a chance that the Bruins could have gained an advantage. As it played out though, Atkinson was able to get a new twig before the draw.

After the game Marchand laughed it off and even put the onus on Atkinson himself:

Classic Marchand. Not to be outdone though, Atkinson has fired back and… well you better be ready to pay up, Marchy.

Check it out:

Love it. Never one to have the last word though, Marchand “Liked” the above tweet from Frank Seravalli. The war of words is officially on.