Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner star in latest iPhone commercial

Multi-million dollar contracts, six figure endorsement deals and now… free iPhones?

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There’s no question that Toronto Maple Leafs forwards Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are two of the most talented young players in the NHL. There’s also no question that they’re two of the most valuable young players in the NHL, as well. Matthews cashed in on a new deal with the Leafs earlier this season, inking a five year deal that comes with an $11.6 million cap hit. Marner is set to earn a similar deal this offseason.

So… what do you when you’re young, rich and influential? Product commercials, of course! 

Check out the latest iPhone ad from Apple featuring Marner and shot by Matthews:

Not going to lie… I LOVE this. We’re used to seeing NFL, NBA and MLB players do this sort of stuff but, outside of cheesy Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons ads, we don’t really see NHL players out there in ads like this.