Auston Matthews gives a young man the surprise of a lifetime.

Auston Matthews gives a young man the surprise of a lifetime.

The Toronto Maple Leafs superstar went above and beyond to make a young man's day.

Jonathan Larivee

Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews is on fire to start the season with 6 goals through 6 periods of play, but he is winning big off the ice as well.

On Saturday night, Matthews went above and beyond to give a young man a memory that will last for a lifetime when he handed him an autographed stick following a win over the Minnesota Wild. The young man was showing off his Mexican heritage with an awesome little outfit throughout the game and had made a sign to showcase it as well, both of which caught the attention of the Leafs star.

"I gave him the first-star stick," said Matthews following the game. "He had a nice little get up and nice sign so I’m glad I caught him there."

There was a bit of a hiccup along the way as when Matthews tossed the stick over the glass it was grabbed by an older man in the crowd, but to his credit Matthews stuck around to make sure that the young man he had intended to give the stick to received it.

Perhaps the best part of the exchange was the very visible shake of the head that Matthews couldn't help but give as he skated away, one that was clearly reserved for the man who had attempted to snatch the stick away from a kid.

You can see the whole thing in the short video below courtesy of the Maple Leafs.