Auston Matthews has climbed his way all the way up Team North America's roster.

The coach is putting a ton of faith in a rookie.

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When camp for Team North America began Toronto Maple Leafs rookie forward Auston Matthews was the last forward on the depth chart, but things have since change drastically.

Matthews has played a bigger and bigger role as Team North America has run through it's exhibition games, and according to ESPN insider Craig Custance has now in fact worked his way all the way up to the top line, where he will center two other young stars from Canadian teams, Edmonton's Connor McDavid and Winnipeg's Mark Scheifle.

I was already very excited for this tournament, largely based on the quality of play we've seen through the exhibition contests, but the addition of this line to the mix on Team North America has made their next contest absolutely must see TV.

It's also worth noting that this is incredibly promising for the Maple Leafs' who drafted Matthews with their top pick in the draft.