Auston Matthews named EA Sports NHL cover athlete for the second time in three years

EA doesn't even update the game anymore, so why bother updating the cover athlete?


EA Sports has announced that Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews will be the cover athlete for NHL '22, set to be released this fall.

Check it out:

And the official release trailer:

Now... if you're wondering, "Hey, wasn't Matthews on the cover before?" Well, indeed you're right. Matthews was the cover athlete for NHL 20, as well. I feel like this is too obvious a joke but it makes sense that EA wouldn't bother to update their cover athlete since they don't even update their games anymore. Frankly, I haven't bought an NHL game in a few years now because it's just the same game every year. The engine, the physics and the animations literally haven't improved or changed in nearly a decade at this rate, but EA Sports continues to spit out a new title every season. What's the point in buying the game? Updated rosters? Sure, that's appealing but to me you have to offer up more than that.

Will you be buying NHL '22 this year?