Auston Matthews says where he wants to play next

Will he get his wish?



The National Hockey League Global Series that took place this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden have officially concluded, and all four respective teams who participated have returned home to North America to continue their regular schedule.

For Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews, the next destination that he would like to see the NHL go (and he himself participate) wouldn't require him to leave North America, but simply head south of the US-Mexico border.

"I don't know, maybe Mexico City? That would be fun," Matthews replied. "Go home for a bit."

And that's a real possibility, according to the League's chief content officer Steve Mayer. 

“Mexico City is on a short list because our teams are very interested in going there and exploring that market,” Mayer said. “There are teams that would really love to go to Mexico.”

It would be a natural fit for Matthews, who has Mexican heritage owing to the fact that his mother was born in Mexico City. And head coach Sheldon Keefe fully endorses the idea.

"It sounds like a wonderful idea. I think it’s good for Auston. I know that’s a very important place to him," Keefe said. "I think more probably, more importantly, to have somebody like Auston, that would be so important to him, to speak to how diverse our game is, and, and how much it's grown."

The NHL has taken things international to Sweden now on a number of occasions, along with having played games in China and Australia. What are the chances they take things south of the United States border and head to Mexico City for a Global Series event? 

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