Auston Matthews slams 'so-called experts' in hockey media.
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Auston Matthews slams 'so-called experts' in hockey media.

The star of the Toronto Maple Leafs did not mince words when asked about the rumors that have surrounded him.

Jonathan Larivee

When you're a player the caliber of Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews you have to expect that you are going to constantly hear your name come up in the media. That is especially true when you play in a market as hockey crazed as the one in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but that isn't always necessarily a good thing.

Of course Matthews is routinely praised for his strong performances on the ice, but there are also often rumors that swirl around the Maple Leafs' most recognizable star and that can be a frustrating experience for what is at the end of the day a 26 year old man.

Last week, Matthews sat down for a 1 on 1 interview with and it was during that interview that he made it clear that much of the speculation that has surrounded him over the years is just flat out false.

"Look, if you didn't hear it from me, and you didn't hear it from my family, and you didn't hear it from my agent, then what are we talking about here?" asked Matthews as per "It's just like lies, just like people making stuff up."

Matthews was discussing the rumors that surrounded him prior to signing a new deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs, rumors that he was destined to bolt for his hometown Arizona Coyotes rather than remain with the Maple Leafs.

The reality, according to Matthews, is that experts in the hockey media simply aren't as credible as they would like you to believe.

"At this point I find it comedic more than anything," revealed Matthews. It didn't really bother me at all. I just found it funny because there are so many so-called experts out there who feel they have scoops -- people go on social media and say they hear things -- but if they didn't hear it from me, my family or my agent, where did you hear it from and who exactly is your credible source?"

According to Matthews the idea of leaving the Toronto area was simply never even on the table, and he once again emphasized that the treatment he has received from the Maple Leafs at all levels of the organization has played a major role in that.

"It was my mindset to come back all along," said Matthews. "I felt I've been pretty clear about that. I really enjoy playing here, and I love the core guys I've been playing with going back to my early days here. And the way the staff treats us is amazing. I've kind of repeated these things, they're all true, and it means a lot to me to be here."

Matthews certainly backed up those statements this summer when he signed on for an additional 4 years with the Maple Leafs organization, a decision that also left many naysayers in the media looking a little silly.

"So, when I see stuff like some of the speculation this summer, I get a pretty good chuckle out of it because it's just nonsense, to be honest with you."