Auston Matthews sounds off on his sudden cold streak

It's not often that he's not lighting the lamp.



While the Toronto Maple Leafs have been getting some historic production out of superstar forward Auston Matthews, he's suddenly cooled off. 

Even if Matthews didn't score another goal for the rest of the season, he would still lead the rest of the NHL in goal scored with his current total of 54, as if that weren't impressive enough. However, he's only lit the lamp once in his last five games, dropping his current pace to *only* 69 goals, which would still be the highest total of any player since Alex Ovechkin scored 65 in 2007-08.

For Matthews, it's just simply a case of "stuff like that happens" when talking about his sudden cool streak.

"I mean, stuff like that happens sometimes," he said. "The puck's not just going to go in all the time. I thought there were some good things. Obviously, I want to produce. I want to help the team and do my part."

Head coach Sheldon Keefe knows the sometimes, even the best goal scorers in hockey can go cold at times.

"He had at least two, maybe three, but certainly two, fairly clean chances where he was basically in alone on the goalie in Boston and those didn't fall for him," Matthews said. "Obviously, things have fallen a lot for him this season and they will again. Somewhat of a historic type of pace that he was on is historic for a reason, because it's difficult to maintain."

Matthews and the Leafs are back in action on Thursday against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center in the City of Brotherly Love. 

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