Auston Matthews undresses Jalen Chatfield and goes bar down.



We've only played 20 minutes of hockey but if the first period is any indication of things to come the Vancouver Canucks may be in for a very long night. 

The Canucks are facing the Toronto Maple Leafs and thus far it has been all Maple Leafs with very few exceptions. The highlight of the game this far comes from Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews who made a strong case that he is the best player on the ice tonight when he styled on the Canucks in the first frame. 

Matthews was skating into the Canucks zone while teammate Mitch Marner was engaged in an awkward scramble for the puck, but somehow Marner was able to get the feed to Matthews while spinning around backwards. Matthews did the rest of the work from there, absolutely undressing Canucks defenseman Jalen Chatfield with a filthy dangle and then going bar down on Canucks goaltender Braden Holtby.

It was one of the prettiest goals Matthews has scored this season, and is yet another sign that the Leafs forward has taken his game to another level.