Avs completely changing their uniforms for 2021 season

An early sneak peek!

Avs completely changing their uniforms for 2021 season

The Colorado Avalanche are absolutely KILLING it this offseason. After unveiling perhaps the nicest Retro Reverse jersey in the entire NHL earlier this week, there are new reports out that the Avs will make significant modifications to their uniform for next season and will finally, mercifully drop the black helmets, gloves and pants from their uniform, replacing them with blue helmets, gloves and pants.

Check out this report from Avs insider Scott MacDonald:

I have to say... I've literally been waiting for this day since the Nordiques moved to Denver. While I have some nostalgia for the Sakic, Forsberg, Roy era Avs uniforms the black in their uniforms always bugged me. It just doesn't match.

UPDATE: The Avalanche have officially confirmed the switch from black to blue.

Check it out:

“Part of the 25th celebration will include several jersey modifications, headlined by the adidas Reverse Retro sweater that was announced Monday. The team will also be switching to new equipment colors to match the primary colors already included in the Avalanche’s home, away and alternate jerseys. 
“The home and away sweaters will now feature the primary color of blue for the shorts, gloves and helmets, while the alternate sweater will have slight modifications to the pants and gloves.”

For a sneak peek of how the Avs could like when they next hit the ice, check out this side by side comparison:


I'm in LOVE with that blue! Let's go!