Avs gets some incredible news on captain Gabriel Landeskog
Colorado Avalanche  

Avs gets some incredible news on captain Gabriel Landeskog

Yes! Let's go Landy!



This just in, Colorado Avalanche general manager Chris MacFarland confirmed to NHL insider Frank Seravalli that captain Gabriel Landeskog could return to the team's lineup for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"The good news is everything has gone well. His rehab continues, but we're still gathering information and every week that goes by there's another step in terms of the things he's hopefully ready to do. But, we're not close. We need more information but everything is positive."

"The goal is the timeline we were given, 12-16 months. 12 months would be some point after the NHL regular season and to say it's gonna be... if we're fortunate enough to go in the playoffs and win a round, will he potentially be a player? I just don't know."

"The hope is for Gabe, he loves hockey. This has been really hard on him. It's what he knows, it's what he loves. Gabe Landeskog is a special player... the things that Gabe does, they're not readily available. The things that he does for our organization on and off the ice, we really miss this player. I'm just hopeful for him that he can continue his career, whether we're fortunate enough that it's Spring time or if it's next training camp in September."

- Chris MacFarland

Landeskog missed the entirety of last season and this entire season so far due to a devastating knee injury. He essentially hasn't returned to action since hoisting the Stanley Cup in the summer of 2022. He's had two surgeries to repair years worth of damage done and hasn't really been seen or heard from much in the past calendar year... until today.

Landeskog hit the ice with his teammates today for an informal practice for the first time in a year and a half.

Check it out:

This is obviously incredible news for not only the Avs, but for Landeskog himself. 

Personally, I thought we'd never see him suit up for an NHL game again given all that was reported at the time of his two surgeries. Here's hoping he can get himself back into playing shape over the coming months and help propel this team back into the winner's circle.

Source: Frank Seravalli