Babcock labeled a “predator” by one of his former players.
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Babcock labeled a “predator” by one of his former players.

Mike Babcock labeled both a “predator” and “scumbag” by one of his former players.

Jonathan Larivee

Former head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets Mike Babcock was forced to resign from his position on Sunday after complaints of mistreatment from players reached the National Hockey League Players Association and prompted and investigation into the matter.

Although Babcock has stepped down and has in fact already been replaced as head coach by the Blue Jackets, the fallout from this incident has only just begun. Not only will members of the Blue Jackets staff and locker room have to face some tough questions on Monday during the team's annual media day, but other former players are now coming forward to share their criticisms of their former head coach.

No player has been more vocal on the topic of Babcock over the years than former NHL defenseman Mike Commodore, and on Sunday Commodore unloaded on his former coach during an emergency episode of the Clearing the Crease podcast. Commodore held nothing back, absolutely unloading on Babcock with a tirade that clearly had been a long time coming.

"Mike Babcock is a predator," said Commodore. "Mike Babcock is a scumbag. He has been that way his entire career."

There was no hiding the joy that Commodore felt at the thought of his nemesis finally being exposed for who he truly is to the wider public, something he feels is good for the sport of hockey at large.

"Today is a big day," said Commodore. "This guy has given, at coaching clinics, being the keynote speaker and I hope all this stuff is done. This guy has been a predator from the word go."

Commodore stressed that his personal experiences with Babcock were a far cry from some of the terrible things he has heard over the years from other people that crossed paths with the former head coach, adding that it wasn't only players who suffered under Babcock.

"There are so many former players," began Commodore before adding, "not just players, staff, coaches that were under him, equipment managers, ushers, and parking attendants that are thrilled with this."

Commodore stressed once again that he feels justice has finally been served.

"Mike Babcock is a scumbag and a predator and he finally got exactly what he deserved today," said Commodore on the podcast.

You can check out the full 8 minute episode, which also includes comments from former NHL goaltender Andrew Raycroft, right here: