Backes will not report to AHL's Providence Bruins.

The Bruins provide an update on the Backes situation.

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It’s been nearly two weeks since the Boston Bruins placed veteran forward David Backes on waivers for the purposes of assigning him to the AHL’s Providence Bruins. Since then though… nothing. Backes will report to Providence, but has yet to play a game for the minor-league club. What gives?

Well according to an earlier report from NHL insider Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, the Bruins granted Backes an “extended break” to determine what exactly he’d like to do to resolve the situation. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t seem like retirement is an option for the 35 year old.

Check it out:

After waiving David Backes, the Bruins gave him the extended break to take some time before the next step. Neither the organization nor his agent, Wade Arnott, would comment further, but there’s one rumour that can be put to rest — I’m told Backes will not be retiring. (He’s got one more year at $4 million in cash.) There are a few different ways this can go. Just wanted to wish the best to Backes, who has handled many difficult questions over the last year with a lot of patience.

Honestly, that’s a very classy move by the Bruins organization. Sure, things haven’t worked out between Backes and the Bruins, especially the past two seasons, but he’s still a veteran player who plays with integrity and who commands a ton of respect. 

Well… now it seems that Backes and the Bruins have come to an agreement. The team announced today that Backes will NOT report to the AHL and will essentially… well do nothing.

Check it out:

“After speaking with David, we have agreed that it is in the best interest of David and the Bruins for him not to play in Providence at this time. David is fit and able to play, but in order to preserve all potential options for both David and the Bruins moving forward, we have decided this is the best course of action.”

For what it’s worth, Backes is still due a $4 million pay check next season whether he plays in the NHL or AHL. So… what’s next?