Barclay Goodrow gets real on facing elimination tonight.

Barclay Goodrow gets real on facing elimination tonight.

The two-time Stanley Cup champion opens up about the pressure on the New York Rangers tonight.

Jonathan Larivee

The New York Rangers will be staring down elimination in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final tonight when they take on the Florida Panthers, and no one who hasn't experienced it themselves can truly understand the kind of pressure that will be on the Rangers and their players just a few minutes from now.

It is rare to get any insight from players on just how difficult these moments can be, but on Saturday night Rangers veteran Barclay Goodrow agreed to conduct an interview shortly before Game 6. Goodrow, a two-time Stanley Cup champion, has seen it all during his career in the National Hockey League and as a result it was no surprise to see him calm, cool and collected.

"I think you're just focusing on what you can control and making sure you're bringing your best game," said Goodrow calmly. "Obviously our backs are against the wall we have no other option."

Goodrow, unsurprisingly, also admitted that these types of games are the ones that he lives for. Goodrow was brought in by the Rangers specifically for how he elevates his game at this time of the year, so again it comes as no surprise to see him admit that he thrives under the pressure.

"These are the games you love to play in, when the stakes are the highest and all the pressure is on," admitted Goodrow. "Fun games to play in."

Goodrow believes the Rangers are a 'confident team' and it will be a matter of putting all of the pieces they have worked on together as a functional unit tonight if they wish to remain alive in the Eastern Conference Final. Goodrow is no doubt one of the more experienced players that the Rangers will lean on more than usual later tonight.